Exposure by Therese Fowler

By Therese Fowler

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The world needed less cynicism, more love. Love was the answer. Love made the world go ’round. Love was all you needed. Love, actually, was all around. He opened his locker and pulled out his AP Calculus textbook; not much love there. As competent as he was in math, he hated it. How were imaginary numbers relevant to writing plays, which he was getting better at, or performing in them, which he did pretty well already, or to any aspect of a play’s production: direction, interpretation, set design—all things he’d be studying while earning his degree at NYU?

Officially, publicly, they were nothing more than good friends who shared a common love for theatre, sushi, and music. Officially, they were too busy to date—anyone, at all. “Plenty of time for that later,” they always said. ” She looked toward the Upper School, its pale stone edifice dazzling white in the morning sunlight. Teenagers streamed into the building, dressed in the uniform colors of navy and white and gray. The students were given some sartorial leeway: skirt, pants, or tailored shorts; collared blouse, button-down, tasteful knit shirt or golf shirt; crewneck, V-neck, or cardigan sweater—and in any combination of blue, white, or gray (except no white on the bottom between Labor Day and Memorial Day).

And passing him in the hallway, the glances, the smiles … They might as well be the teenagers they spent their days managing, that’s what she’d told her mother. How they would take the relationship to its natural next step was a problem she had not yet been able to solve. But she was working on it, and she was pretty sure he was, too. Kim ate her lunch seated on the windowsill, where she could watch with equal ease the finches and chickadees and titmice that gathered at the feeder outside, and the five students now working in the studio.

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