Fine Particulate Pollution. A Report of the United Nations by George A. Champine (Auth.)

By George A. Champine (Auth.)

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Evaluation of Eight Novel Fine Particulate Collection Devices. EPA Report 66/2-76-035, 1976. 0 E• A -A ronetics scrubber (waste heat not counted as power consumed) 8-Braxton sonic agglomerator C -Centrifield scrubber B. D-Dynactor scrubber E-Pentapure scrubber F -Century scrubber 2. 0 E I. 6 F. 3 A"free steam" • C c 0. 3. Aerodynamic Cut Diameters of Novel Particulate Collectors Compared to the Theoretical Performance of a Venturi Scrubber C. NEW CONCEPTS ON PARTICLE COLLECTION Collection capabilities are governed by elementary physical mechanisms, such as inertial impact or diffusion transport and induced particle mobility in an electric field.

2. Drehmel, D. Primary Fine Particle Control Technology. Paper 76-03-04, 69th Annual Meeting of the Air Pollution Control Association, Portland, Oregon, June 1976. 3. , and Mehta. Scrubber Handbook. PB 213-016, 1972. 4. Calvert, S. 55. 5. , Schrag, M. and Roa, A. Development of the Fine Particle Emissions Information System — A New Public Data Bank. Paper 76-30-05, 69th Annual Meeting of the Air Pollution Control Association, Portland, Oregon, June 1976. 6. VDI Guideline 3800. Determination of the Cost of Air Pollution Control Equipment.

G. D. Particulate Collection Efficiency Measurements on Three Electrostatic Precipitators. EPA Report 60/2-75-056, 1975. 4. Electrostatic precipitator — coal-fired power plant. cit. 5. Venturi rod scrubber — iron melting cupola. DP across rod bed, 275 um. C. and Vung, S. Fine Particulate Scrubber Performance Test. EPA Report 650/2-74-093, 1974. 6. TCA scrubber — coal-fired power plant system. DP, 36-46 mm. S. et el. Evaluation of a Particulate Scrubber on a Coal-fired Utility Boiler. EPA Report 600/2-75-074, 1975.

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