Fire of the Dragon (Bestiary Series, Book 1) by Lori Dillon

By Lori Dillon

Being despatched again in time to the center a while wouldn't be so undesirable if the knight in shining armor who involves your rescue didn't swoop down within the type of a fire-breathing dragon. regrettably for Jill Donahue, that's simply the best way issues were stepping into her lifestyles in recent years.

A Maiden
Wrenched again in time throughout the magical strength of an previous dragon tapestry present in a classic outfitter, Jill Donahue lands in an historic medieval city the place the villagers choose to sacrifice her to the neighborhood dragon. as though the specter of being eaten alive by way of a massive flying lizard isn't undesirable adequate, she learns there’s a curse surrounding the tapestry and she or he has to wreck it with the intention to come again to her time. yet she isn't the one one whose destiny is tied to the traditional weaving...

A Dragon
Baelin of Gosforth is a valiant knight who has been cursed via a vindictive witch to reside as a dragon for 11 months out of every 12 months. Now he has thirty days to wreck the curse or he turns again right into a fire-breathing beast and, up to he hates to confess it, he wishes Jill's support to do it.

And A Curse
Forced to stand many demanding situations alongside the way—from the tough international they go back and forth via to the fiery ardour they either attempt to deny—each is set to damage the curse so the opposite can get their happily-ever-after. And it simply could paintings, if Jill can be able to disregard the fire-breathing, bat-winged remnants of Baelin's dragon part lengthy adequate to work out the fellow underneath the beast and get the activity performed

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