Fractured Core Analysis: Interpretation, Logging and Use of by Kulander B.R., Dean S.L., Ward B.J.

By Kulander B.R., Dean S.L., Ward B.J.

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30 Diagnosing and Treating Computer-Related Vision Problems Positioning the Practice at Checkout at the Front Desk One of the responsibilities of the checkout person is to reinforce to patients that they made the right decision to invest in eyewear or services. If the front-desk person is using a computer, it is helpful for him or her to be wearing eyewear and to point out to the patients how happy they will be when they get their new computer glasses. A quick glance at the record can allow the receptionist to mention how the new glasses will solve the patient’s problem of headaches, eye fatigue, or near blur (whatever was the chief entering complaint).

The clinical use of a near lens addition seems effective at reducing myopia progression. Numerous laboratory studies on animals have shown the strong influence that visual stimulation during development can have on adult refractive error (reviewed by Norton and Siegwart, 1995). A generally accepted physiologic model has developed that supports the effects of environment on end-state refractive error. , 1995) have shown that axial length changes during eye development compensate the defocus created by wearing spectacle lenses.

Follow-up ❏ Optician reinforces purchase decision at dispensing. ❏ Doctor or staff calls or e-mails patient to see how he or she is progressing. ❏ Follow-up appointment or additional treatment scheduled. ❏ E-mails sent to patient concerning computers and vision. ❏ Recall date set. • With office forms • In the pretesting room • In the examination room • In the dispensary • Checking out at the front desk • With follow-up 2. Develop a patient flow regimen to use with computer-user patients. References Moss GL, Shaw-McMinn PG.

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