Fundamentals of Biochemistry. A Textbook by Reginald H. Garrett

By Reginald H. Garrett

Meant for the single- or two-term introductory biochemistry direction taught on the junior/senior point, this superbly and continuously illustrated textual content offers technology majors the most up-tp-date presentation of biochemistry to be had. Written by means of a chemist and a biologist, the publication offers biochemistry from balanced views.

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Crr/ "- OH There are four common disaccharides : • • Maltose [a-D-Glucopyranosyl-(1,4)-a-D-glucopyranose] Cellobiose [p-D-Glucopyranosyl-(1,4)-P-D-glucopyranose] Both maltose and cellobiose are composed of two D-glucose molecules linked together, the only difference between the two disaccharide is the nature of the 1, 4 glucosidic linkage.

6 C. 4 D. 4 Answer: A Which of the following is a weak acid? A. Nitric acid C. Phosphoric acid B. Sulfuric acid D. Hydrochloric acid Answer: C The cytoskeleton of a cell: A. functions in the intracellular digestion of materials entering the cell B. is the powerplant of the cell where fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are oxidized to provide energy C. determines the shape of the cell and gives it the ability to move D. is the selectively permeable outer boundary of the cell Answer: C In the formation of biomolecules, carbon forms stable, covalent bonds by electron sharing.

A. The sex of the individual B. Whether the individual has Down Syndrome C. The number of chromosomes present D. All of above Answer: B Answer: D 43. Most cells spend their lives in: A. Prophase B. Metaphase C. Interphase D. Telophase 44. Cytokinesis begins during which phase? A. Telophase B. Synthesis phase C. Anaphase D. Metaphase Answer: C Answer: A Meiosis 45. Meiosis results in A. 2 haploid daughter cells B. 4 haploid daughter cells C. 2 diploid daughter cells D. 4 diploid daughter cells Answer: D 46.

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