Fusion-Bonded Polyethylene Coating for the Exterior of

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Such sensors are miniaturized and disposable and can be used for on-site analysis. In this section, we will focus on the application of electrospun nanofibers and NFN membranes on formaldehyde and heavy metal ions colorimetric sensing. 1 Y. Li et al. Colorimetric Strips for Formaldehyde Assaying It goes without saying that the formaldehyde is one of most serious indoor air pollutant, can cause serious health damage. Wang et al. [132] demonstrated a labelfree colorimetric sensor strip for real-time formaldehyde detection based on fluoralp decorated PAN nanofibrous membranes.

In addition, there are other structure features, such as viscoelastic, stiffness will influent the sensitivity waiting us to explore. For colorimetric sensors, it still have a lot of problems need we to explore. How to decrease the response time? How to achieve the long-term storage, and how to improve the loading uniformity and fastness are still waiting for us to figure out. Furthermore, the structure of nanofibers also need further regulate. For instance, 26 Y. Li et al. Fig. 15 UV-vis spectra and colorimetric responses of the colorimetric strips and commercial NC films having been incubated in two leaching liquors added with 0 and 1 μM Pb2+, respectively (Reprinted with permission from [110].

Zhao, Y. Li, X. He, J. Leng, Manipulation and formation mechanism of silica one-dimensional periodic structures by roller electrospinning. Langmuir 30(9), 2335–2345 (2014). 1021/la4037277 62. Q. R. Harding, H. Yang, Helical peanut-shaped poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) ribbons generated by electrospinning. Polymer 54(25), 6752–6759 (2013). org/10. 029 63. S. Li, J. Leng, Y. Fan, C. Fu, H. Shen, Y. Xue, D. Xu, Electrospinning synthesis and structural characterization of manganese oxyborate (Mn2OBO3) necklace-like nanofibers.

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