Gateway to Inner Space: Sacred Plants, Mysticism and by Christian Ratsch (editor), Terence McKenna, Stanislav Grof,

By Christian Ratsch (editor), Terence McKenna, Stanislav Grof, Ralph Metzner et al.

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She paused to take a deep breath, and went on. “Now you come. You rip her out of her home, out of the village. ” Again she took a deep breath. “Maybe this is the end of the world . ” She paused only briefly, to go on almost immediately. “What right do you have to take her away from husband, children, the kampong? She is sick—she needs us, all of us, around her. Now she is all alone with strangers. She should be with her family, her friends in her kampong. Instead she is in this stone building, with nobody to give her the food 40 D i ffe re n t Re a l i t i e s she likes.

Near that village there was a guesthouse where some of us were staying. ) The woman was in the hospital. I was exhausted, but felt a sense of accomplishment. I do not believe I thought in terms of saving her life, but I definitely felt pleased. I had won, and probably I imagined that I had done what every normal (white) person would have done. The doctor at the hospital had confirmed my guess—she did have an ovarian cyst. They would remove it surgically early the next morning. I felt good. It was dark, perhaps seven o’clock in the evening.

For important decisions I have come to trust my intuition, my dreams, a feeling that I should turn this way rather than that. We have designed a society that puts choices in our way all the time. We must choose services: a doctor, a lawyer, a plumber. Have you ever moved to a new city and had to choose a doctor at night? Or agonized over how to choose an electrician or a carpenter in an emergency? How do we choose a profession? What criteria do we use to choose a mate? How do we choose a religion?

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