Gender, AIDS and Food Security: Culture and Vulnerability in by Mariame Maiga

By Mariame Maiga

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The majority of the Ivorian population relies on smallholder cash-crop production. Yet, Ivorian women remain heavily marginalized in cash crop production because they don’t usually have access to the resources (information, seed, and fertilizers) that are needed for it. They are engaged more in food crop production than cash crop production, providing the bulk of the food production (DSRP, 2009). However, the national agricultural policy neglects the food crop production sector as a means to attain food security, which would support Gender, AIDS and food security 29 Chapter 2 women’s agricultural activities.

During a crisis, such as war, women have to perform this dance to support and protect the warriors and the village. During the war in Côte d’Ivoire in 2002, women in the study area performed the moumoumin dance at the demand of the queen-mother. Women met at the royal court, wearing the traditional make up made of kaolin (granite) on their bodies, dressed in a piece of white cloth, and performed the dance everywhere in the village. While performing this dance, some women stripped off their clothes.

According to them, there is a moral content to domestic arrangements, applied to sharing resources and caring for dependants in the household. To this extent, we can appreciate household’s utility to respond to care-related demands in a context of HIV and AIDS (Niehof, 2004b; Nombo, 2007). In the study area, even though the autochthonous Agni recognize matrilineal rights to inherit land, they take up patrilocal residence, as do the patrilineal migrants. In this study, I consider the household as the primary unit of analysis, defined as a group of individuals who are related by either blood or marriage, including unrelated persons like friends and temporary dwellers, who share a common residence, meals, provide things for each other, and acknowledge the same household head.

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