Glimpses of the God Man Meher Baba Vol. VI by Bal Natu

By Bal Natu

As Baba started to stroll, His sandals obtained caught within the dust, so He easily left them and persisted to stroll speedily, barefooted, in the direction of the assembly pandal. a few of His fanatics eyed his footprints closely. via this easy act, Baba was once engaging within the inconveniences that the pilgrims have been facing. This doubtless insignificant incident had a profound influence on a tender Baba lover from Dehra Dun, the youngest of the pilgrims; he used to be basically 16. On his arrival at the prior night, he abhorred the muddy pathways. At one aspect his ft had gotten caught, and he had proposal, "Does Baba even comprehend the pain that jogging during this dust factors us? he'll are available in His automobile donning cozy sandals!" This boy occurred to be close to the kitchen whilst Baba visited the eating corridor. As he checked out Baba, his proposal from the former night got here again to him. At that second, he observed Baba?’s sandals get caught within the dust, and saw how Baba left them instantly and persisted on His manner with naked toes. He instantly felt sorry for his techniques, and later confessed his mistake tearfully to Baba. those that come into the affection orbit of the Avatar obtain well timed and critical responses to their doubts and concerns via His exterior activities or His informal comments. there are numerous such cases, however it isn?’t attainable to recount all of them right here.

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So, this time, to keep alive the memories of these timeless moments of love and wonder, I made the effort to take notes. These notes, consisting of words and lines that I jotted down quickly while Baba's board was being read out and His gestures interpreted, are the basis of the account that follows. The task of reconstructing what Baba said during this spontaneous "talk" was made more difficult by the fact that Baba alternated freely between three languages — Marathi, Gujarati, and English. It was not easy for me, working from my hurried scribblings, to follow and recapture exactly what Baba had conveyed.

This occurred in the premises of the new jhopri, where Maharaj had spent many nights all alone with Merwan to unveil Him as the Avatar. The next day, December 25, Maharaj's body was lowered into a pit a little to the east and adjacent to the pinjra, where, coincidentally, he had confined himself on that very date exactly twenty years earlier. This pit was then covered and a samadhi was built, enclosed on four sides. In accordance with Upasni Maharaj's instructions, Godavri Mai and the kanyas continued to conduct the activities of the Ashram.

In fact, what was there for him to give Me? He only made Me know My Ancient One status as the Avatar. When some of My disciples visited him, he would say things against Me. In all such conversation 25 GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN Maharaj played his role to perfection. " Some years later [in the early 1930s], when I was at Meherabad, Raghunath, the son of Durgamai, came to Me. He sought Me alone as he wished to tell Me something very personal. He began, "My mother has especially sent me to see You. " Raghunath added, "My mother feels that now Maharaj seems to be overpowered with lust.

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