Go Scuba Dive by Monty Halls

By Monty Halls

For somebody encouraged by way of the films ''Step into Liquid'' or ''Riding Giants'' to choose up a surf board and trap a few waves, this step by step publication and DVD package deal will get readers at the quick song to learning the surf.

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Certificates of qualification should be clearly displayed, and the dive operator should ask to see your own qualifications before diving commences. • Oxygen and first-aid equipment should be readily available for every dive conducted. • The compressor room (where the cylinders are filled) should be clean, ordered, and clearly display test certificates for air quality. training and safety 55 56 GO GET THE BASICS dive operator safety equipment There are certain pieces of safety equipment that are essential for diving activities to be conducted in a safe and controlled manner.

When you exhale, the tilt mechanism swings shut and cuts off the air supply. Your used air is then expelled into the water via exhaust vents in the mouthpiece. 40 cylinders GO get the basics A good cylinder is fundamental to any dive and must be able to safely carry a sufficient volume of air. Cylinder design has changed little since the early days of diving. Standard cylinders hold air at about 230 times atmospheric pressure, known as working pressure (WP), and are tested to in excess of 300 atmospheres.

Dive gear 35 36 exposure suits GO get the basics The need to retain heat is one of your most important considerations when diving. Only when the water temperature reaches 90˚F (32˚C)—the same temperature as the surface of your skin—will your body cease to lose heat during a dive. Water conducts heat away from the body approximately 25 times faster than air. For this reason, a good dive suit, technically known as an “exposure suit,” can mean the difference between an enjoyable dive and a miserable afternoon spent shivering on a boat.

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