Grandparent Roles for Black Women by Barer

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I hope that additional light will thus be shed on what I may venture to call the idiographic-nomothetic symbiosis in psychology as a science. II In exposing his position Allport seems to have gone back, at least so far as knowledge of man is concerned, to a prevalent interpretation of Duns Scotus's doctrine of haecceitas-thisness. Duns Scotus (1265-1308) 20 ISAAC FRANK argued that, because the human intellect discovers that individual things are distinct, it follows that in each thing there must be some inherent, fundamental characteristic that differentiates it from all others.

27-40). New York: Grove Press. Arlow, J. A. (1960). Psychoanalysis as scientific method. In S. Hook (EdJ, Psychoanalysis, scientific method, and philosophy: A symposium (pp. 201-211)' New York: Grove Press. Fremantle, A. (1955). The age of belief The medieval philosophers. New York: Mentor Books. Friedman, M. S. (1955). Martin Buber: The life of dialogue. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Kenny, A. (1963). Action, emotion, and will. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. , MUITay, H. , & Schneider, D.

His chances are determined by the pattern of his life and not by the frequencies found in a population at large. (Allport, 1942, pp. 156-157) Here Allport was once again saying that if you wish to know about the probable behavior of an individual, you will be better off if you have as much knowledge as possible about this individual's personality system, than if you have only statistical generalizations about a class of persons to which he belongs. This is probably right, and it means that if you wish to make predictions about recidivism in the case of 1,000 specific delinquents, your predictions will be better if you have idiographic knowledge of each one of them.

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