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3 Full-Length Examination. When the full length of a part is to be examined, no length dimension need be included in the nondestructive examination symbol. 4 Partial Examination. When less than 100% of the length of a weld or part is to be examined, with locations to be determined by a specified procedure, the length to be examined is specified by placing the appropriate percentage to the right of the letter designation. The selected procedure may be specified by reference in the tail of the nondestructive examination symbol.

To enhance the detection of the test medium, the component may be immersed in a liquid bath or sprayed with a leak test solution on the outside surface. If the gas has gained passage through the component wall, it will create bubbles in the liquid bath or leak test solution which can be easily detected visually. 5 Vacuum box testing is a leak testing variation where the examiner only has access to one side of a component to be leak tested. Here, a leak test solution is applied to the test area and a rubber-gasketed enclosure with a clear viewing window is placed over the area.

The line is straight because it is the original cut edge of the root face. (B) Incomplete penetration caused by poor fit of the joint. This condition is often called a hi-low fit. (C) Transverse weld metal crack. This crack could also be found by visual, magnetic, or penetrant examination. (D) Porosity. Porosity is indicated by dark oval-shaped images. (E) Elongated slag inclusion. Radiographic image shows that the slag inclusion is intermittent. (D) (E) Figure 16—Radiographs of Weld Discontinuities and Macrosections 22 A significant limitation of radiography is that discontinuities must be favorably aligned with the radiation beam to be reliably detected.

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