Hands-on Morphological Image Processing by Edward R. Dougherty, Roberto A. Lotufo

By Edward R. Dougherty, Roberto A. Lotufo

Morphological picture processing, now a typical a part of the imaging scientist's toolbox, might be utilized to a variety of business purposes. targeting functions, this booklet indicates tips on how to study an issue after which enhance winning algorithms in keeping with the research. The publication is hands-on in a really genuine feel: readers can obtain an indication toolbox of thoughts and pictures from the internet to allow them to approach the pictures in keeping with examples within the text.


- Preface
- record of Symbols
- Binary Erosion and Dilation
- Binary establishing and Closing
- Morphological Processing of Binary Images
- Hit-or-Miss Transform
- Gray-Scale Morphology
- Morphological Processing of Gray-Scale Images
- Morphological Segmentation Watershed
- Granulometries
- computerized layout of Morphological Operators
- Index

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Both filters fail to restore the uncorrupted image satisfactorily. If the radius of the structuring element is small compared to the noise grains, the salt-and-pepper noise is not removed; and if the radius is large, the filter will destroy too much of the original image. One way around this problem is to employ an alternating sequential filter (ASF). 11 Open-close and close-open filters: (a) , image corrupted with ✗ ✁ ✗ ✓ ✂, (c) ✗✡✚ ✁ ✢✗ ✓ ✂✣ ✔ ✂, (d) ✗✡ ✁ ✗ ✔ ✂, salt-and-pepper noise, (b) ✚ ✗ ✁ ✗ ✔ ✂✣ ✓ ✂ .

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