Heavy-Fermion Systems (Handbook of Metal Physics) by Prasanta Misra

By Prasanta Misra

The publication on Heavy-Fermion platforms is part of the ebook sequence "Handbook of steel Physics", each one quantity of that is written to facilitate the learn of Ph.D. scholars, college and different researchers in a particular zone. The Heavy-Fermions (sometimes referred to as Heavy-Electrons) is a loosely outlined choice of intermetallic compounds containing rare-earth (mostly Ce) or actinide (mostly U) parts. those strange names got as a result of the huge potent mass (100-1,000 occasions more than the mass of a loose electron) lower than a severe temperature. they've got numerous flooring states together with superconducting, antiferromagnetic, paramagnetic or semiconducting. a few exhibit strange magnetic homes corresponding to magnetic quantum serious aspect and metamagnetism. This publication is basically a precis in addition to a serious assessment of the theoretical and experimental paintings performed on Heavy Fermions. · huge learn references. · complete evaluation of a truly quickly growing to be variety of theories. · precis of all very important experiments. · comparability with different hugely correlated structures equivalent to High-Tc Superconductors. · attainable Technological purposes.

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