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The Turbulence Problem; A Survey. J. Indian 28. Institute of Science, 64 (A), January 1983, pp. 1-59. Effect of Driven Wall Motion on a 29. Weinstein, L. : IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Turbulent Shear Turbulent Boundary Layer. Flows, Toulouse, France, May 5-8, 1981. FIGURE 1 KNOWN PARAMETERS HAVING A FIRST ORDER INFLUENCE UPON TWO-DIMENSIONAL TURBULENT BOUNDARY-LAYER STRUCTURE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 PRESSURE GRADIENT CORIOLIS FORCES WALL CURVATURE WALL ROUGHNESS COMPLIANT WALLS 0 (WALL MOTION) 0 ENERGY RELEASE/ CHEMICAL RX PROXIMITY TO TRANSITION/REYNOLDS NO.

1, pp. 1-680, 1877; Theorie de 1'ecoulement tourbillonnant et tumultueux des liquides dans les lits rectilignes A grande section, I-II, GauthierVillars, Paris (1987). 14. Bericht uber Untersuchungen zur ausgebildeten Turbulenz, ZAMM, 5, L. Prandtl: 2, 136-139 (1925). 15. Numerical Turbulence Modeling. M. W. Rubesin: Computational Fluid Dynamics, AGARD LS-86, Paper No. 3, 1977. 16. B. Progress and Prospects in Phenomenological Turbulence Models. E. Launder: Proceedings of the ICASE/NASA Conference on Theoretical Approaches to Turbulence (1984).

14), the onset of each of the flows sketched in figure 14 can be described as either a subcritical bifurcation or a (a1 - SPARATION,UNSTEADY-PERIODIC WAKE (C) LAMINAR-SEPARATION --_ d G UNSTEADY-PERIODIC WAKE, TURB FREE SHEAR LAYER ' UNSTEADY CHAOTIC WAKE (c) ASYMMETRIC TRANSITIONAL-SEPARATION (d) TRANSITIONAL-SEPARATION, UNSTEADY CHAOTIC WAKE ( 1- (e) TURBULENT-SEPARATION UNSTEADY PERIODIC WAKE INCREASING REYNOLDS NO Stages of incompressible flow past a circular cylinder with increasing Fig. 14.

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