Hitler's Secret Backers by Sidney Warburg

By Sidney Warburg

American bankers provided Adolf Hitler with thousands of funds to aid building up his Nazi occasion. Warburg was once a joint proprietor of the hot York financial institution, Kuhn Loeb & Cie; he describes 3 conversations he held with Hitler on the request of yankee financiers. This ebook was once initially writer in Holland in 1933, presently prior to Warburg's loss of life.

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Perhaps he would realize what my backers meant. But Hitler began to shriek again. "Do you think I can perform miracles here with our people? Do you have any idea of the apathy of the Germans? This 'pack of Jews' has imposed a spirit of swindling, acquisitiveness, internationalism, and pacifism. " "There is no discipline in Germany, and we must start from the very beginning again. Just wait until we are finished with out work on the German people, then we can think about foreign policy. Read our platform.

This proof will be demonstrated by the following facts available to us. The report names many concrete, commonly known occurrences and facts that are relatively easy to verify. It is supposed that Sidney Warburg is the New York banker and writer James 42 Paul Warburg, son of Paul Warburg, who was Secretary of State under Wilson. Sidney can be a pseudonym. James P. Warburg was born in Hamburg in 1896. In 1902 he came to America with his father. As a young man he is said to have spent several years in his uncle's business in Hamburg, mentioned in the report on p.

If we accept that the report is falsified, then it originates from a very clever forger who has deep insight into actual facts.

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