Horticulture Term - Differences & Terminology by Sinha, Basant K.

By Sinha, Basant K.

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Squash Cordial (i) Consists essentially (i) strained juice with moderate quantities of pulp to which sugar is added for sweetening. It is sparkling, clear & sweetened fruit juice from which all the pulp and other suspended material are eliminated. S. S. e. 0 % acid. e. 5% acid. (iv) Sweet fruits like (iv) pineapple, jamun, phalsa, strawberry, etc. are suitable. Lime and lemons are suitable for cordial making. (v) It is diluted before use. Suitable for with wines. 64. S. S. (ii) Contains 1 per cent acid.

Only to vegetative part as well as sexual also. sexual organs. 88. -Citrus aurantifolia. -Citrus limettioides. (ii) Tree small. (ii) Tree medium to large; Leaves medium, petiole wing margined, leaf lamina cupped. (iii) FJowers & fruits are smaller than sweet lime. (ill) Flowers & fruits are larger than sour lime. (iv) Core-solid at maturity. (iv) Core-semi-hoIlow maturity. small; Leaves 44 at Term-Differences (v) Flesh-greenish white in (v) colour. (vi) Juice-highly acidic. (vi) (vii) Seeds are polyembryonic.

X) Tendrils not divided. (xi) Early & maturing. (xi) Late & different time maturing. 73. A. to (iii) Resistant to phylloxera. berry size (iv) Individual berry small. berries per (v) 40-100 cluster. one time berries per Fruit skin separates from pulp. Cranberry RN. N. macrocarpum. woody (ii) Evergreen, woody trailing vine. corymbosum. & (ii) Evergreen bush. (iii) Propagation by wood cutting. (iii) Propagation by runner and seed. 20C to break rest period. & hard 7. 2°C. (v) Fine & fibrous roots are devoid of root hairs.

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