How To Rule India: Papers Related To British Policies by Ahmed Saleem (edt)

By Ahmed Saleem (edt)

From the Editor: numerous variety of papers are believed to be mendacity buried lower than documents of documents of the British institution, that can, on one hand throw mild at the political and socio-economic state of affairs of the Punjab of that interval, and supply tell-tale info, nevertheless, as to how cold-bloodedly the international rulers exploited that state of affairs to their virtue. lt is key that this list or the British Rule is upturned and punctiliously tested earlier than this era of the Punjab heritage is mentioned and correctly appraised.

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Between both posts, and threatened each a t the same time. ege to it . Had Firozepoor been abandoned when the Afghan war terminated, and its . garrison added to Lodhiana, the same hurried operations on our part need not have taken place as did occur, on the occassion alluded to. The reinforcements from the south would have at once arrested the further advance of the enemy, for with I0,000 men even in its rear at Lodianah, would any Sikh or other army, with guns, venture to advance towards Delhi.

The Sikhs have shewn themselves formidable while so posted, but they will lose their confidence when compelled to meet us on the open plain, and to manoeuvre. I have myself witnessed this effect in Arabia and in India, among men as brave and hardy as the Sikhs. very advantage. The acclimated and experienced European. veteran is invaluable. But this heavy expense of additional European soldiery appears to me very unneccessary. Our Sepoys, weakly officered as they are, have always done their duty alongside of our own country.

I Had the sentimentes of these highly gifted and experienced individuals at all coincided, it might be deemed presumptuous in me to discuss them; but as we are told that in thje midst of counsellors there is wisdom, and as we know the measures are not to be decided on by these individuals, but by the Government . delegated by the Crown to rule our Indian Empire, I shall venture, without concealing my name, to add the portion of information possessed by one who has made the history and politics of India, from the earliest ages, his particular study.

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