Human Nutrition: A Continuing Debate by Dr Martin Eastwood, Dr Christine Edwards, Professor Doreen

By Dr Martin Eastwood, Dr Christine Edwards, Professor Doreen Parry (auth.)

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In this regard, the apoE phenotype of individuals has a strong impact on their ability to clear chylomicron remnant particles. The presence of E z (results from a mutation in the E protein), even in a single dose, significantly retards chylomicron remnant clearance. , 1989). Administration of a triglyceride-enriched meal to individuals with angiographically proven coronary artery disease (CAD) revealed that these subjects metabolized triglyceride-rich lipoprotein particles with reduced efficiency in comparison to age-matched healthy controls.

Both low and high HDL levels can be inherited. Recent studies from this and another laboratory have uncovered a strong genetic link between variation in the CETP gene and HDL cholesterol. 0 mmolll) HDL levels. Restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) were observed in the genes coding for apolipoprotein-AI, LCAT and CETP. , 1989) components of HDL. Subjects with the cutting site for the enzyme were likely to have higher plasma concentrations of HDL cholesterol and apo AI. , 1989). 6 DIET AND PLASMA CHOLESTEROL METABOLISM Most subjects who die of heart disease do not have a genetically defined dyslipidaemia.

Barker To take the first point about height, it is quite true that every study that I know of has shown an inverse relationship between height and risk of death from cardiovascular disease. I can not really proceed far with that because height is made up of both prenatal and postnatal components. Your birthweight does predict your height, your height at two years strongly predicts your adult height, so my sense of it is that the relationship does depend on prenatal and very early postnatal components of adult height.

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