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Каталог мебели и сопутствующих товаров фирмы IKEA на 2011 год.

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Shown with KOSING powder-coated steel handles and PRÄGEL white laminate countertop. Requires assembly. What’s in the kitchen price? See p. 340. 1 2 3 4 VÄRDE series Solid birch/birch veneer/stainless steel/melamine foil finish/painted finish. Designer: Mikael Warnhammar. Requires assembly. VÄRDE kitchen combination $1420 Shown above. 1. Sink cabinet/double-bowl sink $313 Frame W57½×H35⅜". 91 2. Shelving unit $249 W57½×D14⅝×H35⅜". 16 3. Base cabinet and countertop $499 L57½×D39⅜×H35⅜". 10 4. Cabinet for built-in oven/cooktop $359 W63¾×D23⅝×H34¼".

L18⅞/36¼×W23⅝×H29⅛". 99/ea Polypropylene seat. Powder-coated steel legs. Designer: Ola Wihlborg. RA. Seat Ø12⅝, H17¾". 46 Easy to hang A room divider hung by a KVARTAL rail helps define your room and is easy to swap out when you're ready for a fresh look. 99/ea Aluminum, brass. H1". 99 Aluminum. L55". 99/24pk Plastic. 83 Store it niSSE folding chair 12 $ 92 99/ea Save some space by hanging extra seating on the wall. 99/ea Nickel-plated aluminum. W1¼×D6×H3½". 99/ea Polyproylene seat. Powder-coated steel legs.

RA. W31½×D11×H79½". 99/ea Foil finish, aluminum and tempered glass. RA. W15¾×D11×H41¾". 19 BILLY series Foil finish. RA. 99 W31½×D11×H41¾". 99 W15¾×D11×H79½". 99 W31½×D11×H79½". 10 Height extension unit $20 W31½×D11×H13¾". 99 Adjustable shelves; adapt space between shelves according to your needs. Clear lacquered birch veneer. RA. W31½×D11×H79½". 99/ea Foil finish. RA. W15¾×D11×H79½". 99 Foil finish. RA. W7⅞×D6¾×H79½". 10 BILLY bookcase with glass doors $630 Glass doors keep your favorite items free from dust but still visible.

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