Infidels: A History of the Conflict Between Christendom and by Andrew Wheatcroft

By Andrew Wheatcroft

Here's the 1st panoptic heritage of the lengthy fight among the Christian West and Islam.

In this dazzlingly written, acutely nuanced account, Andrew Wheatcroft tracks a deep fault line of animosity among civilizations. He starts with a gorgeous account of the conflict of Lepanto in 1571, then turns to the most zones of clash: Spain, from which the descendants of the Moors have been ultimately expelled; the center East, the place Crusaders and Muslims clashed for years; and the Balkans, the place far-off stories spurred atrocities even into the 20th century. all through, Wheatcroft delves underneath stereotypes, having a look incisively at how photos, rules, language, and know-how (from the printing press to the Internet), in addition to politics, faith, and conquest, have allowed both sides to demonize the opposite, revive previous grievances, and gasoline throughout centuries a doubtless unquenchable enmity. ultimately, Wheatcroft tells how this fraught heritage ended in our current maelstrom. we won't, he argues, come to phrases with today’s complicated animosities with no confronting this darkish earlier.

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Those who visit the ruins of the Basilica of St. Simeon near Aleppo in northern Syria will find the column on top of which the holy man lived for nearly thirty years about the middle of the fifth century, once more than ninety Stylites now a stump, the rest carried away by relic hunters. pilgrim traffic was momentarily arrested during the feet high, The Muslim invasion; but as soon as the belligerents laid their arms, the flow of pilgrimage down was resumed, even in the course of the eighth century.

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