Integrative Manual Therapy for the Autonomic Nervous System by Sharon Giammatteo, Thomas Giammatteo

By Sharon Giammatteo, Thomas Giammatteo

This e-book is the 1st of its variety: a textual content for systematic therapy of tissues and constructions innervated through the automated apprehensive method. Muscle spasms brought about through pressure, visceral and circulatory difficulties and vital anxious process dysfunctions might be alleviated. Arterial and venous blood movement increases. Lymphatic drainage will enhance. muscle tissues of organs and eyes and speech and swallowing will functionality extra successfully. Tendon unlock remedy for remedy of tendon lesions and scars is gifted. Disc treatment for potent removal of discogenic difficulties is roofed. Over 100 strategies are offered during this e-book.

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GOAL Improve breathing. INTEGRATIVE MANUAL THERAPY This technique will eliminate prmecdve muscle spasm of the respiratory abdominal diaphragm, and is excel­ lenr to perform for all pulmonary, cardiac, and spinal patients. Because all four (4) diaphragms function as a complex, it is best ro treat all four (4) diaphragms (the pelvic diaphragm, the thoracic inlct, the cranial di­ aphragm). After treatment with Advanced SrrainlCoun­ terstrain techniques for the diaphragm/s, myofascial release for the transverse fascial restrictions can be performed with increased effectivity.

TREATMENT • Side lying on the side opposite the Tender Point (the contralateral side). Flex the bottom hip (contralateral) to 45 degrees. Flex the bottom knee (contralateral) to 45 degrees. Place a small towel roll between the hips, very close to the pubic symphysis. Flex the top hip (ipsilateral) to 60 degrees. Flex the top knee (ipsilateral) to 30 degrees. Compress lateral to medial (towards the floor) at the greater trochanter with one (1) lb. force. GOAL Eliminate spasm of the urethra musculature.

There are no pre­ cautions for this technique. AUTONOMI( NERVOUS SYSTEM Diaph/3: Thoracic Inlet (Netter's plate #168,169, 175,219) (Bilateral) TENDER POINT Middle of supraspinous fossa, 1 inch medial from the medial aspect of the acromioclavicular joint, mid-way berween clavicle and spine of scapula. TREATMENT • • Side lying on the contra-lateral side. Use a pillow so the head and neck are mid­ line (no cervical side-bending) . Ipsilateral shoulder abduction to 70 degrees. Ipsilateral shoulder girdle depression, inferior with 3 Ibs.

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