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The various articles during this factor comprise: Iranian Kinship and Marriage via B. Spooner; Inscriptions of the Karraquan Mausoleums through Stern; Mahmud of Ghaza in modern Eyes via Bosworth; Blind Poets of Shiraz by means of Morrison; Pigeon Towers of Isfahan by means of Beazley; etc.;

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South of the Lesser Zab (see (CT 33, 41; Finkelstein, JCS 9, p. 5, n. 46; same name as No. ; a slave); (37) A-ga-ap-[. ; a slave, probably from Ilip, cf. Stol, JCS 25, 1973, p. ; a female slave from Arammu); (39) A-ba-'u-'a from Alub and (40) Pa-ba-ia from Lub/pdu, both female slaves, were purchased according to YOS 13, 89 from the same year. C. , Sippar-Yahrurum); (43) An anonymous Subarian (VS 7, 184; poss. Ammisaduqa's time; recipient of rations, cf. , p. 101); (44) An anonymous firstclass (namrum) slave (Finkelstein, JNES 21, p.

21, 31. Note the occurrence of Elamite boatmen in early dynastic Lagai: Da-da md-lah4ELAMk6(DP 486, 5; without ELAM in 637, 8) and Nigin3-mudmd-lah4ELAMk' (DP 423, 2; 486, 5; without ELAM in 637, 7; DV 3/2, 19, 4 and Wengler2). 565, 14, undated) at early OB Ur (poss. ). 44Cf. , p. 1403b ("Arbeitsaufseher ffir Halbnomaden und Fremdarbeiter"). 45 See Edzard, ZwZw, p. 161f. Cf. A. Falkenstein, BagM 2 (1963), p. 13; O. Loretz, UF 10 (1979), pp. ; Stol, Studies,p. 66. 46See S. I. Feigin, AJSL 51 (1934), pp.

MAKANITES Makan might have included the Iranian coastal strip of Makran. C. His name, Sin-gamil, is typical of Ur. His appearance at Ur may be due to the intensive commercial relations between this southern city and the Gulf region (see Oppenheim, JA OS 74, 1954, pp. ). An analogous case is that of the Tilmunite Me-a-ti-a-nu-um (UET 5, 716, 8; early OB Ur; undated; cf. Nashef, Akkadica 38, 1984, pp. ) and In?! , p. ). 1 above. 4. 0. Introduction The original abodes of the Kassites are not known.

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