Islam. An historical introduction by Gerhard Endress

By Gerhard Endress

Эта книга, по словам автора, была написана, чтобы дать студентам, изучающим историю ислама и историю мусульманских народов, представление об основных концепциях и проблемах этой темы. Книга - не пересказ и не краткое изложение истории, но руководство или вспомогательное пособие ко многим другим доступным книгам, в которых соответствующие темы изложены полнее.
Автор надеется также, что индексированные подробные хронологические таблицы и обширная библиография станут руководящими гидами в изучении предмета.Образцы сканов:

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The spread of Islam, political conflicts, social and economic changes – all these gave the impetus; the older religious communities, forms of government and civilisation which the Arabs encountered in the formation of their empire contributed foundation stones, models and methods. e. sÈrat al-nabÈ ‘the normative or model way of life of the Prophet’); • the text itself in the study of philology (grammar and lexicography) and in extensive Koranic commentaries (tafsÈr, ‘interpretation’). Islamic doctrine developed out of conflict between the interpreters of the scripture and the forces of change in the community.

At the death of Mu˙ammad (632) the Arabian peninsula was Islamic; under the four caliphs of the first generation who had belonged to his Companions, Arab armies subjugated the Sasanian empire from Iraq as far as eastern Iran and the Byzantine provinces of the Near East. Under the rulers of the Umayyad dynasty they reached as far as the Atlantic and the Indus (711) – in the name of God and of His message revealed through Mu˙ammad. The question could be and has been asked – was this not rather a tribal migration and was it not economic necessity which pushed the Arab tribes out of the peninsula?

But the Koran itself is a book which is difficult of access. This is for external and internal reasons: external because in the present arrangement of the texts of the Revelation it is not possible to work out the original chronological sequence; internal because without a knowledge of the historical context it is not really possible to understand either the message in its entirety or many of the details of, and allusions to, its environment. These associations, moreover, have only been preserved for us by the manifold facets and reflections of religious tradition.

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