Islam Holy Quran Coran Kuran Koran Arabic Arab Islamic Sunna by Sahih Al Bukhari

By Sahih Al Bukhari

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Comment attributed to chief minister of the first Hegemon, Duke Huan of the state of Qi, in the seventh century BCE (Hsiao 1979) “Complexity” has become a fashionable word in science and scholarship. ” Most studies using area studies approaches are taxonomic or causally oriented descriptions. ” Complexity has been emerging in the fields of mathematics, the life sciences, and cognitive science. Its objective is to uncover the complex ways in which interdependencies Noon Prayer master:Mizoguchi 6/7/08 10:20 Page 16 16 • By Noon Prayer are formed.

It covers society and culture and it deals with function, structure, and process. Complexity in analysis makes nonlinear connections, deals with emergence, and covers holism. No claim is made here that contemporary ideas and practices originated out of one single point. Influences are neither simplified nor linearized. Hybridity of and among ideas develops out of a long and dynamic process. The claim postulated here is that a cultural region with millennia of processual development in contiguous civilizational traditions, such as today’s Arabic-speaking region, produces and shares ideas that are variably manifested in different forms and through practices that are ever changing.

For non-repetition he mentions irreversible aging and entropy, how “[A]ll living things are born, grow old and die” (Leach 1961: 132). Linearity of time is not universal. Many think of time as going back and forth. The pictorial metaphor of pendulum is, argues Leach, “the essence of the [pen- Noon Prayer master:Mizoguchi 6/7/08 10:20 Page 25 The Anthropology of Time and Space • 25 dulum view of time] is not the pendulum but the alternation” (134). “I would maintain,” Leach concludes, “that the notion that time is a ‘discontinuity of repeated contrasts’ is probably the most elementary and primitive of all ways of regarding time” (134).

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