Islam Unmasked by Henry Malone, Reza Safa

By Henry Malone, Reza Safa

America might study of Islam's tenets on September eleven, 2001 whilst a few of its fans may take off their masks of peace and demonstrate their real face.  when you consider that that day many became misplaced within the propaganda war.  they've got develop into careworn approximately Islam.  they've got looked for solutions to many questions.

What are the origins of Islam?

Who used to be Muhammad?

Are Allah and God the same?

Is Islam a calm religion?

What is Paradise and who can cross there?

Is there equality among Mulim males and women?

What universal flooring is there among Christians and Muslims?

Islam Unmasked eliminates the masks of deception and divulges the reality approximately this historic religion.  in the course of the pages of this illuminating ebook, you will know about the pagan origins of Islam.  you will study the historical past of its founder.  you will discover the lies at the back of its doctrines.  you will see the futility of its practices.  you will find the typical flooring to speak with Muslims.  and you may observe the ability that comes from sharing the affection of God with Islam's captives.  Islam Unmasked--unmask the lie, observe the truth.

(Henry Malone)

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Islam Unmasked

The United States could research of Islam's tenets on September eleven, 2001 while a few of its fans may take off their masks of peace and demonstrate their real face.  on the grounds that that day many became misplaced within the propaganda war.  they've got develop into burdened approximately Islam.  they've got hunted for solutions to many questions.

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He also is determined to keep the Church from unmasking the lies of Islam. Before we can make a lasting impact in the earth, we must be subject to God’s authority and the authority of those He has placed throughout the Body of Christ. The Leadership of the Church In order to exercise our authority we must first be willing to submit to authority. And the Church, for the most part, has been unwilling to be obedient. They have refused to accept His authority and so have chosen rebellion. Rebellion is nothing more than service to Satan.

And it finally touched the north coast of Africa. While Islam stopped short of Vienna, it managed to infiltrate both Iraq and Arabia and regain ground. Islam even found its way into areas where Christianity had been the majority religion. In the 16th century, mandatory conversion was commonplace and many Christians who were slaves to Muslim masters converted. Others conformed to Islam to escape the persecution of Orthodox and Catholic Christians. Frequently, sons of Christian fathers were torn from their families, sent to Muslim homes and enrolled in Islamic armies.

God leaves little question as to who is responsible for placing authority into the hands of men, and the consequences that come to those who refuse to honor them. An Atmosphere of Peace God has put governments in place to deal with the natural, judicial and governmental realm, not the spiritual realm. Governments are not given authority over individuals, except in the arena of law and government. They are not put in charge over families and their households. Governments have not been given authority in the realm of the spirit, so they are not responsible over the Church.

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