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LFG Roland C.II

LFG Roland C. II КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ LFG Roland C. II(Windsock Datafile 49)By Peter M. GroszPublisher: Albatros Productions Ltd199540 PagesISBN: 0948414669PDF19 MBThe LFG Roland C. 1I Walfisch (Whale) made its frontline debut in March-April 1916 and used to be really sooner than its time. compared to all different two-seat kinds of its day, on either side of the traces, it stands aside in aerodynamic and structural layout, sufficiently complex actually to spawn a single-seat fighter (see WINDSOCK DATAFILENo.

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The rounded exterior is the result of glacial ‘scouring’ during the last Ice Age, when enormous moving masses of ice bulldozed through copper seams in the country rock of the area. Upon melting, the glacier literally ‘dropped its load’, scattering debris far and wide. Rarely are they found in this size and particularly rare, with these features. The exterior has been polished in selected areas to provide a window into the shining interior of this exceptional specimen that measures an impressive 30¾ x 19½ x 6½ inches thick.

Provenance: Dr. Miguel Romero Sanchez Collection Estimate: $8000-$10000 41137 GREEN OCTAHEDRAL DIAMOND CRYSTAL Sierra Leone Of all the fancy diamond crystal colors, green is the second most rare (after red). A. 61 ct. Because diamonds are the only gemstones composed of a single element (carbon) and because their crystal lattice is so strong, only three atoms, nitrogen, hydrogen and boron, are small enough to work their way into the tetrahedral crystal arrangement. Nitrogen will cause a yellow or brown coloration, whilst the green hue can be caused by atomic or gamma radiation.

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