Knowledge Management: Best Practices in Europe by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Mertins, Peter Heisig, Jens Vorbeck

By Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Mertins, Peter Heisig, Jens Vorbeck (auth.), Professor Dr.-Ing. Kai Mertins, Dipl.-Sozw. Peter Heisig, Dipl.-Psych. Jens Vorbeck (eds.)

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Nevertheless, his approach does not provide a well-developed method of how to integrate the mentioned knowledge management activities into the primary process either. 4 The building block approach Probst et a!. 's approach, which specifies eight building blocks to manage knowledge knowledge goals, knowledge identification, acqmsitlon, development, sharing, utilization, retention and assessment - received the broadest attention in Germany and Switzerland. Knowledge as a resource is considered the only integrative pattern of their approach, which follows no other external logic than the inherent logic of knowledge.

Three objects define the knowledge object level: (1) agents as persons or software that possess (2) knowledge assets and participate in (3) business processes. The authors present the knowledge management cycle with seven activities covering the complete life cycle of knowledge within the organization. These activities are common within many other frameworks: Identify, plan, acquire and/or develop, distribute, foster the application, control and maintain, dispose. "34 However, the method could not show how to integrate these knowledge management activities within the business processes.

This is due to the fact that one important barrier of knowledge management is the lack of time of staff and managers. If the gap cannot be closed with existing methods, a new solution has to be developed in compliance with the missing core activity of knowledge management. The overall solution not only has to focus on explicit knowledge in documents and databases but also on tacit knowledge of the employees. The latter aspect is overlooked by most of the existing knowledge management approaches.

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