L’Algebra by Rafael Bombelli

By Rafael Bombelli

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You stand here. WISH Ahaµ Buddho bhavæmi, Buddho dhammaµ desetu, may I become a Buddha. let the Buddha preach the Doctrine. , mæ gaccha do not go.

I will go to live in a forest after receiving * instructions from the sage. I will be a poet. I will not stand in the presence of the king. Through patience we will obtain deliverance. Why shall we wander in the forests with fear? We ourselves shall treat the sick with joy. * Use gahetvæ Vocabulary: English-Pali Table of Contents 55 Lesson sson X A. Decle clension nsion of Nouns ouns endi ending in " ø " Sæmø m. lord, husband SINGULAR Nom. Voc. Acc. Instr. Abl. , Gen. Loc. PLURAL sæmø sæmø, sæmino sæmø sæmø, sæmino sæmiµ sæmø, sæmino sæminæ sæmøbhi, sæmøhi sæminæ sæmøbhi, sæmøhi sæmimhæ, sæmismæ sæmino, sæmissa sæmønaµ sæmini, sæmimhi sæmøsu sæmismiµ The Loc.

She wishes to go with the maidens to see the school. With faith the girl goes to offer flowers to the Buddha. You are sitting in the preaching hall to hear the Doctrine. Boys and girls wish to bathe in rivers. There are no patients in the hospital. We study languages to obtain wisdom. I do not wish to go in ships. With faith they sit in the hall to learn the Doctrine. I do not know the language of the letter. O girls, do you know the way to go home? He is bringing a book to give to the wife. Vocabulary: English-Pali Table of Contents 42 Lesson sson VII Aor Aorist (Ajj Ajjatanø anø) — Activ tive voice voice Terminations SINGULAR 3rd 2nd 1st ø o iµ PLURAL uµ ttha mha paca, to cook SINGULAR 3rd 2nd 1st apacø, apaci, apaco, apaciµ, pacø paci he cooked paco you cooked paciµ I cooked PLURAL 3rd 2nd 1st apacuµ, apaciµsu, apacittha apacimhæ, pacuµ paciµsu pacittha pacimhæ they cooked you cooked we cooked gamu, to go 3rd 2nd 1st SING.

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