Lasithi: A History of Settlement on a Highland Plain in by L. Vance Watrous

By L. Vance Watrous

This ebook is the result of a venture all started in 1973 with a radical survey of the Lasithi simple in Crete; it files and discusses the historical past of historical cost during this wealthy valley excessive up within the Diktaian mountain variety. The center of the publication is a survey of archaeological facts for payment within the Neolithic to overdue Roman sessions, however the writer additionally extends his paintings to later classes. the world used to be exploited via the Venetians within the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries as a resource of grain, and the writer attracts on documentary proof to explain their agricultural practices—many of that have prolonged into the fashionable interval.

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During the Geometric period, Papourawas at least twice the size of Karphi, suggesting that the population in Lasithi had increased during the tholos tombs Early Iron Age. The cemetery of the Papoura settlement consisted of tholos located to the east of the site. One of these tombs (PI. 73 the Archaic periods the area of Lasithi enjoyed a certain Duringom Geometric and fame in the Greek world. The Mainland poet Hesiod sang (Theogony, 481-484) of Zeus, the father of the gods, who was born in a cave on wooded Mt.

The retaining wall is dated Minoan by the Minoan sherds on the terrace. -LM I) variety, spool, Orientalizingor Archaic cup, Late Roman flanged bowl 82. Grind stone and stalagmitefragmentfrom the south slope. MM I-III, LM III, Archaic, Late Roman. 3. V 418-424 H 214-217. "Trapeza,"p. 9. Maps 7, 12, 14. Situated a half kilometer west of the village of Pinakiano, the site sits on the spur of Agios Georgios (PI. 15:a, b). Pendleburyreportedwalls and sherds, the latter of the Geometric and Archaic periods, which are visible on the east slope of the site.

Roman sherds cover an area of 100 x 500 m. on top of the spur. A bronze double axe, inscribed with two charactersof Linear A and said to have come from the site, was acquiredby Evans. -LM I), Geometric lid 57, Orientalizingsherd decorated with petaled rosettes, Archaic relief pithoi, Classical black-glazed sherds including cup rim 68, many loomweights, Late Roman plate rim 85. Used obsidian flakes. , Geometric, Orientalizing,Archaic, Classical,Late Roman. 4. V 422-426 H 224-226. AJA 11, 1896, p.

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