Late Medieval Mysticism by Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, Ramon Lull, Richard

By Bernard of Clairvaux, Francis of Assisi, Ramon Lull, Richard Rolle, Bonaventure, Henry Suso, Catherine of Siena, Nicholas of Cusa, Catherine of Genoa, Ray C. Petry

This variation provides in English language, and in convenient-size tender disguise volumes, a range of the main necessary Christian treatises written ahead of the tip of the 16th century. those books meet the necessity of lay humans and libraries, scholars and pastors, for a unmarried set of books containing the nice literature of the Christian historical past. The texts are heightened in usefulness by means of a wealth of introductory fabric, explanatory notes, bibliographies, and indexes. The contents of every quantity are the exact same as within the unique hardbound version.

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13:5. 13 Rom. 5:10. 16 John 15:13. n John 3:16. 17 Mercennaria. 19 True love is therefore self-sufficient, self-contented; its object is itself its recompense. When you apparently love anything because of something else, what you are really loving is the end, the object of your love; the means you value only in relation to it. Paul does not preach the gospel for his daily bread; he eats his daily bread that he may preach. 20 True love seeks no reward; and yet it merits one. Nobody ever dreams of offering to pay for love; yet recompense is owed to him who loves, and he will get it if he perseveres.

The opposite approach through negation or apophase involves a contrasting brevity. 39 The Mystical Theology proper is not content even with such progressive negations as are held necessary to the liberation of Deity from banal definition and description. True, symbolic initiations, holy rites, and the double use of cataphase and apophase all have their respected roles. But all must finally be transcended in that realm of "darkness clearer than light" hitherto penetrated by Moses only. " In the realm of luminous shadow which both hides and reveals the divine mysteries, those who are free, whether of things seen or things seeing, advance into the true, mystical darkness of ignorance.

12-15 of the De diligendo), the first nine chapters of the Grades, and Books 2—5 of On Consideration stress the degrees of elevation in the love of God. , the mystical or unitive stage, proper. £. Gilson, La theologie mystique de Saint Bernard, Paris, 1947, is excellent here. Nos. 8, 23, 31, 45, 52, 71, 74, 82, 83, and 85 in the Canticles series are preoccupied with contemplative experience. Dom Butler's Western Mysticism utilizes large translated portions of this series, pp. , igi ff. Complete translations are available in S.

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