Leonardo da Vinci Volume 2 by Müntz, Eugène; Leonardo, da Vinci

By Müntz, Eugène; Leonardo, da Vinci

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Brunellesco had been an ardent student of mathematics; Piero della Francesca of geometry; Alberti had composed the Ludi Matematici and invented a way of measuring the depth of the sea in places where the lead could not be used; he had also busied himself – “de motibus ponderis” – on the movements of weights. So, too, among the contemporaries of Leonardo, Andrea Sansovino was a student of cosmography, Peruzzi of astrology and mathematics. Nor was the idea of compiling and publishing treatises on the arts a new one.

One expels the other” is the legend on the sketch, and 41. Pattern of a Swing Bridge, after a drawing of 1490. ” Since Aristotle had completed his 896 problems, no human brain had toiled with such feverish activity to discover the wherefore of all things. Leonardo searched and thought without intermission, in society, in 42. Pattern a of Bicycle, after a drawing of 1493. 6 He especially profited by the proximity of the Alps to make frequent excursions, in which the geographer, the hydrographic engineer, the naturalist, the geologist, the meteorologist, and even the painter, could add to his store of knowledge.

32. Tuscan painter, Madonna and All evidence is unanimous in showing that as a child he had a gift for the exact sciences. His entry into Child with Saint John the Baptist Verrocchio’s studio confirmed these tastes, which, in him, were combined with an irresistible vocation for art. and Two Angels, first decade of We know that Verrocchio was a passionate student of geometry and perspective, but whatever he may have the 16 century. done for his pupil, the latter was above all things the son of his works.

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