Let's Visit Israel by Judyth Saypol Groner

By Judyth Saypol Groner

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The river carries the mineral-rich loess and deposits it on the North-China plain, where it makes the fields fertile. ” ≤ Banpo Village In 1953, some workers building a factory at Banpo, in the central Yellow River region, uncovered an early farming village. This is a modern reconstruction of the village, which was surrounded by a deep defensive ditch and consisted of 45 circular and rectangular houses. The people here grew millet and hemp for fiber, and kept pigs. They also hunted and fished. < Majiayao Culture To the west of Banpo is Majiayao, where, from around 3100 bce, people started making beautiful pottery vessels.

Today, rice feeds more than half the world’s population. In 2005, archaeologists digging at Lajia, by the Yellow River, found a 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles. From the shape of the starch grains, they could tell that these noodles had been made from two varieties of millet. The millet was ground into flour and mixed with water to make dough, which was stretched into 20-in- (50-cm-) long strands, and then boiled. Noodles still form an important part of the Chinese diet. These are the oldest noodles in the world.

This is because surface flints have been rolled in rivers and glaciers, and damaged by freezing. So people began to dig through the soft chalk, using antler picks, to get the flint. Other hard stones were also mined or cut from quarries. These were made into polished axes, which were traded across Europe. MINING FLOORSTONE This picture shows two miners collecting flint in Grimes Graves. At the bottom, you can see a solid layer of black flint, called floorstone. This is the best-quality flint in the mine.

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