Love, Soul & Freedom: Dancing With Rumi on the Mystic Path by Denise Breton

By Denise Breton

This exploration of non secular development is grounded in either an intellectual/philosophical and extra renowned figuring out of the topic. utilizing the poetry of the 13th-century mystic, Rumi, the authors offer a philosophical framework for the private transformation that starts to spread whilst a person delves into mysticism. during this paintings that isprescriptive in addition to descriptive and diagnostic, Breton and Largent combine advanced rules into an off-the-cuff, readable and understandable argument.

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Millions of people are now finding strength, insight, healing, and peace through meditation and contemplationexactly what mystics have done for ages. We're spending time with the invisible in hospitals, homes, schools, and workplaces, because it's a natural method. We draw the invisible realm into our lives, and suddenly we see the everyday visible in a new light. Indeed we're seeing many things in a new light, as invisibles receive an attention and respect they didn't have a few decades ago. Much of this respect comes from physics, which for the last century has plunged into invisibles.

If we're not permitted to live who we are, what's left to live? What's freedom, if only our images possess it? What we sacrifice to connect with family, school, business, religious, and political systems leaves us short of the intangibles that make life worth living. Trade-offs on soul levels don't work. How could they? When we sacrifice our souls to connect, who's left to be bonded? Who's left to enjoy the benefits that we sacrificed so much to get? There's no one home to connect or be connected.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of freedom without love around. When, for instance, we asked our college students whether they'd dump toxic Page 14 waste illegally to save a business, a third of the class said they would. That's freedom without love: acting oblivious to the connectedness of actions. But then we don't call that freedom. If it kills people, it's a felony. Splitting love, soul, and freedom doesn't work. Neither we nor society prosper by dividing them. A Mystic's Response: Go to the Unseen Sufis are mystics, and when mystics see things falling apart, they don't try to patch them.

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