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That could enhance the statistical validity of the test results by factoring out confounding conditions such as anxiety or fear and factoring in biological conditions such as psychopathy that are known to be highly associated with antisocial behavior. Laurence R. Tancredi is an attorney and clinical professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine. 47 w w w. c o m COPYRIGHT 2005 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. munculus, the little ghost in the machine that directs all brain traffic.

Studies on subliminal awareness provide empirical support for this theory. In 1989 a team led (The Author) UWE WOLFRADT is a lecturer at the Institute for Psychology at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany. He researches phenomena related to memory and the alienation of the self. 35 w w w. c o m COPYRIGHT 2005 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. of psychology in the Netherlands, followed 42 students for six months. They filled out a short questionnaire immediately after any déjà vu episode.

It is a rule-based device that, fortunately, works automatically. Critics might raise the objection: “Aren’t you saying that people are basically robots? ” That is not the case. The comparison is inappropriate because the notion of responsibility has not emerged. It has not been denied; it is simply absent from the neuroscientific description of human behavior, as a direct result of treating the brain as an automatic machine. But just because responsibility cannot be assigned to clocks does not mean it cannot be ascribed to people.

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