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S. Schoolsof OrientalResearch. 1992 The JointMadabaPlains Project:A PreliminaryReporton the Harrison,T. 1992Season, including the RegionalSurvey and Excavations 1997 Investigations of Urban Life in Madaba, Jordan. Andrews 60:53-54. Archaeologist UniversitySeminaryStudies31:205-38. L. G. Atlanta:ScholarsPress. M. 299-354in TheMadaba Associate Professorof is andVicinityandSubsequent Seasonat Tellel-cUmeiri Studies,edited Near EasternArchaeologyat and R. W. Younker. L. S. G. L. T. Herr,O. LaBianca, Geraty, by WilfridLaurierUniversityin BerrienSprings,MI:AndrewsUniversityPress.

Fortunately, that have been discovered take on more importance. however, we have some other very useful sources for the Iron Surely the most intriguing of these is the so-called Shihan Age, especially the Mesha Inscriptionfrom the ninth century stele, actually discovered at Faqic in 1851 (Miller 1991:32). Discovered in 1868 near Dhiban (ancient Dibon), the a javelin and clad in a short kilt. His head is turned sideways Mesha Inscriptionis written in the ancient Moabite language while his body is pictured from the front.

The precise geographical limits and the cultural characteristics of ancient Moab are less well known. The Moabites float in our imagination somewhere east of the Dead Sea, north of Edom and south of Ammon. But this haziness has begun to be resolved. Thanksto the extensive survey of Miller, central Moab south of the Wadi al-Mfijib has been intensively explored, and the published results have encouraged new excavation projects, such as the work of Routledge (1995:236)at Mudaynat cAliya and of Mattingly (1996:69)on the Karakplateau (1995).

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