Magnetic Properties of Free Radicals by H. Fischer (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M. Hellwege (eds.)

By H. Fischer (auth.), K.-H. Hellwege, A. M. Hellwege (eds.)

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Up* temperature despent. 3 Fret CH,-CH ’ ‘$H-CH~ radicals radical HOOC-$H=CH-CH-COOH 1 a 4 Carbon 21\CH with conjugated Generation 50 kV-X-irracl. 1 Carbon radicals - Kohlenatoffradikale z-electron systems - Kohlenstoffradikale Matrix or solvent single crystal (triclinic) CH=C=CH-OH Y kMc/s 300 24 -150 irrad. of cyclohexene at 77 OK polycryst. I MeV- y-irrad. fj Cyclopentadienyl radical cg-I-cHLH irrad. of the acids irrad. of cyclopentadiene at 77 OK pyrolysis polycryst. polycryst. 2 = ls,s***) 43u &X(11) = 10,2***) Di 3 a”H”(2) = a;“(l) = @‘(3,1) ~$~‘(3,2) system) CH,-CH=CH-CH=CH, Splitting g-factor 9 9 35 mit konjugierten Le 4t) 9 no detailed Itf-data Ha 8) -77”.

3,31 Ch 9**) MC 73**), Ja 3**) Ch 8, We4 Ad I**), Ay 7 Ja3**), Lu 7**), Re2, We4, We9, Br7**), We 70***), BY 6**), Lo 51 I -Benzylradical of benzyl- *CH,--‘& 2 3 Dimesitylmethyl CH, =H, ti l/\Y ;I I 1 Jy 2 Y C% Triphenylmethyl if J ; If/ lv f. CH, 6, I CH, , CH, toluene -250 9 = 16,5 a, = 5,5 a, < 2 5,5 a2 = a, = a,, = a,, = as,, = a,,, = 2,53 a3 = a, = a3, = a,, = a3,, = as,, = I,11 a4 = a4, = a4,, = 2,77 a C~a= 26 St, ljt , 3/t 5J9 3’ 0 4J, c 4r *) 7 CH-protons. **) Theoretical discussion of Izf-parameters, spin density calculations.

HOOC-C. 3 Alkylradicals of type RI-&R,; radicals R,,,,, - Kohlenstoffradikale + H - Alkylradikale vom Typ R&-R,; Aa Free radical Generation Matrix Coso-irrad. of N-acetylmethionine single crystal (monoclinic) CoWrrad. of chloroacetyl-d-1-alanine single C% reaction of HO. with isopropanol H,O (flow I OH photolysis of H,O, in isopropanol at 77 OK . D -300 system) 4 kV-X-irrad. of rochelle salt single crystal (P GA Coeo-irrad. D AD 2 *) Isotropic. **) Anisotropic. -NH-L. CH,-L. Splitting kMc/s i COOH C% + H Aa Co%rracl.

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