Major Companies of Europe 1993/94: Volume 1 Major Companies by R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig, C.

By R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig, C. P. Wilson

Consultant to the Volumes 1 & 2 significant businesses OF EUROPE 1993/94, quantity 1, association of the ebook includes valuable info on over 4000 of the head businesses within the eu neighborhood, apart from the united kingdom, over 1100 This ebook has been prepared as a way to permit the reader to businesses of that are coated in quantity 2. quantity three covers locate any access speedily and properly. over 1300 of the pinnacle businesses inside Western Europe yet outdoors the ecu neighborhood. Altogether the 3 corporation entries are indexed alphabetically inside of every one kingdom volumes of significant businesses OF EUROPE now offer in part; furthermore 3 indexes are supplied in Volumes 1 authoritative aspect, very important info on over 6500 of the most important and three on colored paper behind the books, and businesses in Western Europe. indexes in terms of quantity 2. significant businesses OF EUROPE 1993/94, Volumes 1 The alphabetical index to businesses during the " 2 comprise a few of the biggest businesses on the earth. The Continental EC lists all businesses having entries in quantity 1 quarter coated via those volumes, the ecu neighborhood, in alphabetical order without reference to their major kingdom of represents a wealthy purchaser industry of over 320 million humans. operation. Over one 3rd of the world's imports and exports are channelled in the course of the EC. The group represents the The alphabetical index in quantity 1 to businesses inside each one world's greatest built-in industry.

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USA No of Employees: 80 No of Employees: 916 DREDGING INTERNATIONAL DOUWE EGBERTS NV Scheldedijk 30. B-2070 Zwijndrecht Tel: (03) 252 12 11 Cable: dredging antwerpen Potaarde Z/N, B-1850 Grimbergen Tel: (02) 260 06 11 Telex: 24 658 de gri b Te/efax: (02) 269 85 62 Telex: 31 839 dredgb; 33 015 dredg b Te/efax: (03) 252 68 31 Board of Directors: Erik van Baren (President) Management Board: Antonius van Bilsen (Managing Director), Robert E Bourgonjon. Jan Konings. Hendricus de Wilt. Henricus o Cohen.

Directors: Marcel Goblet, Guy Paquot, Gerard Mestrallet, Klaus Wendel. Secretary of the Board: Jean van den Branden de Reeth De Beukelaer-Pareinlaan I, B-2200 Herentals Tel: (014) 24 12 11 Cable: Gebebe Herentals Corporate Officers: Luc Vansteenkiste (Chief Executive Officer), Alfred Ancion (Group Vice-President), Martine Cuyvers (Director of Corporate Communications and Organisation), Jan Derksen (Purchasing Director), Emile Jadin (Chief Financial Officer), Luc Jourquin (Director International Development Center), Philippe Jous (Corporate General Counsel), Paul Van Telex: 32412 gebebe b Te/efax: (014) 22 56 84; (014) 24 14 04 Board of Directors: J Huyghebaert (President), P Bonnet, Ph Jaeckin, N Bruyndonckx, D Elslander (Managing Director) 27 BELGIUM Management: 0 Elslander (Managing Director), M Bruyndonckx (Finance, Purchase and Administration Manager), I Geilenkotten (Industrial Manager), Y Couvreur (Sales, Marketing and Distribution Manager, Division LU-HEUDEBERTj, L Sleurs (Sales, Marketing and Distribution Manager, Division De Beukelaer-Belin), J De Gersem (Personnel and Social Affairs Manager), J Brackenlers (Planning and Logistics Manager), F Saunier (Export and Cession Manager), T Neutellng (Research and Development Manager) General Management: Headquarters: Hubert Simonart (General Secretariat), Paul Catteau (Central Management), JeanFranyols Beyer (Human Resources), Jean-Maxime Stengers (Human Resources), Marcel Neils (Credits), Willy Slachmuyider (Internal Audit), Charles-Ghislain Wlnandy (Legal Department), Henri Franken (Information Services).

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