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LFG Roland C.II

LFG Roland C. II КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ LFG Roland C. II(Windsock Datafile 49)By Peter M. GroszPublisher: Albatros Productions Ltd199540 PagesISBN: 0948414669PDF19 MBThe LFG Roland C. 1I Walfisch (Whale) made its frontline debut in March-April 1916 and was once really prior to its time. compared to all different two-seat sorts of its day, on either side of the traces, it stands aside in aerodynamic and structural layout, sufficiently complex in truth to spawn a single-seat fighter (see WINDSOCK DATAFILENo.

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Nonetheless, Suppiluluma sought to preserve the digtory, receiving his submission in the city of Alalah in the land of Mukish to the north. The text is not complete, but relatively little has been lost. It appears that only three topics were included among the stipulations: the right of Niqto retain fugitives from the forces of his local enemies (§3), the of Ugarit (§§4-5), and an alliance between Ugarit and Hatti, in very general terms (§6). However, we learn from other documents (Nos. 28 and 31B) that a rather large tribute was imposed on Ugarit.

S 17'-20') [If the population of a its women, its goods, and its large and the land of Kizzuwatna, [Paddatissu] mui to the Great King. 1 I J ' f j . 1 _ __ t 't ^ . „ ^ . „ y v ^ U . 'Mii.. are busy with herding — [then whatever] trustworthy Hittite lay ask for an oath [will swear an oath about this], and the t be returned. And if someone of the land of Kizzuwatna its goods, has set out and has entered [Hatti]," but the population of the settlement, including its women, has by no means set out, and if trustworthy man of the land of Kizzuwatna [the Great King] may ask [for an oath] will swear an oath about this, and the women must be returned.

42 Hittite Diplomatie Texts §11 (A rev. 22-27) And I Great King, King of Hatti, will revive the dead land of Mittanni, and I will restore it to its place. You shall not again act independently, nor transgress your treaty, nor shall you seek further territories for yourselves. Prince Piyassili and Prince Shattiwaza — their territories [will be . . ] for one another. If a city of Prince Piyassili writes secretly to its messenger and send him to Piyassili, his brother. ) manner to a city of Piyassili.

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