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Step 3 Use point–slope form to write the equation. y −y 5 − (−3) _ Slope = _____ ​ x2 − x1 ​= ______ ​ 1 − (−3) ​= ​ 84 ​= 2 2 1 Use the ordered pair (1, 5) The x-coordinate is 1; the y-coordinate is 5. y − y1 = m (x − x1) y − 5 = 2(x − 1) Practice Use the point–slope form to write an equation. 1. (−2, −2), (0, −4) y −y 2 1 Use the formula for slope (​ _____ ​) x2 − x1 to find the slope. Use one set of ordered pairs for the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate. y −y −4 − (−2) __ Slope = _____ ​ x2 − x1 ​= _______ ​ 0 − (−2) ​= ​ −2 2 ​= −1 2 1 Use the ordered pair (−2, −2) the y-coordinate is Use point–slope form to write the equation.

Examine the data. Does one variable increase while the other one decreases? 2. Is the product of xy a constant value? 3. If the answers to 1 and 2 are “yes,” the data shows an inverse variation. Example Does the data in the table represent an inverse variation? x 2 4 6 8 y 12 6 4 3 Step 1 Examine the data. Does one variable Yes, as the value for x increases, the value for increase while the other one decreases? y decreases. Step 2 Is the product of xy a constant value? Yes, the product of xy is the same value, 24.

Roots above 3 are higher power roots. You write cube roots and higher power roots in a manner similar to square roots. 3 __ 4 __ Fourth Root: ​√ Cube root: ​√ ​ __ The number outside the ​√ symbol tells you the root you are finding. Rules for Finding or Estimating Cube or Higher Power Roots 1. Look at the number outside the symbol to determine the root to calculate. 2. If the number under the symbol is a perfect power, find the root. 3. If the number under the symbol is not a perfect power, find a perfect power less than the number.

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