Meditación de un kabbalista: The Prayer of the Kabbalist by Yehuda Berg

By Yehuda Berg

The Kabbalist prayer of Ana Becho’ach, or 42-Letter identify of God, is likely to be the main robust prayer within the universe. Kabbalists think that utilizing this identify as a device actually faucets into the strength of production and allows the relationship to optimistic strength. during this booklet, renowned Kabbalah pupil Yehuda Berg explains how somebody can use the prayer to begin over, heal psychic wounds, and fasten to the resource of pleasure and achievement.

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We are drawn to the ambience of the village church (meanwhile become famous). The place is characterised by a divine presence of exceeding density. The church and its surroundings are located within a huge pillar of light, signifying angelic presences. The light pillar indicates that the plateau of Rennes le Chateau is an extraordinary place that plays a definite role in the landscape temple of Languedoc, which stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pyrenees Mountains. This landscape temple of Languedoc is centred on a hallowed mountain named Montsegur, which derives its holiness from the mighty heart centre that pulsates in the mountain’s midst.

We humans really had to rack our brains to dream up a state of emergency like this! Because the energetic plane has been coupled with the emotional, difficulties that torment a person’s feelings can present immediate health problems; often ones for which no logical explanation can be found. On the other hand, this unpleasant coupling gave us humans the chance to help directly in the emergency effort to rebalance the Earth. We give such help every time our thoughts are consciously balanced by the feeling of wholeness.

Relationship includes a constant communication that enables a person to sense the meaning of their life and steer in the direction of its fulfilment. Other than food and sexual intercourse, what else does one need to be happy? Past peoples have sought out locations where, by the nature of the landscape, conversation runs freely between the inward space of earth’s centre and the universe of the stars. They were sufficiently sensitive to find such places, which nowadays we call power points, or more accurately, chakras of the earth.

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