Medium Companies of Europe 1991/92: Volume 3: Medium by R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn (auth.), R. M.

By R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn (auth.), R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig, C. P. Wilson (eds.)

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Ing. Bernhard K Klein, Emil Alexander Kahane, Emmerich Wengersky Management Board: Dr Rainer Bichlbauer (Speaker of the Management Board), Dipl. Ing.

90 s'OOO 1,148,528 94,341 60,494 56,965 100,000 458,946 967 GRAZER WECHSELSEITIGE VERSICHERUNG Herrengasse 18-20, A-8010 Graz Tel: (0316) 8037-0 Telex: 31414 grawe a Telefax: (0316) 8037 414 No of Employees: 50 GMUNDNER ZEMENTWERKE HANS HATSCHEK AG Supervisory Board: Dr Franz Harnoncourt-Unverzagt Management Board: Dr Friedrich Fall (Vorsitzender), Dr Othmar Ederer, Siegfried Ettl, Gottfried Krainer Senior Executives: Hans Haas, Theopil Halla, Werner Seiner, Dr Gunther Witamwas, Gerhard Kollaritsch, Ingo Kummer, Dagobert Pantschier, Wolfgang Knapp, Dr Sigfried Grigg, Dr Horst Hofer, Dr Werner Lorenzutti, Josef Hobarth, Rainhold Visotschnig, August Gerstlauer Hatschekstrasse 25, A-4810 Gmunden Tel: (07612) 2881 Telex: 24428 Telefax: (07612) 2881-229 Management Board: Dkfm Dr Harald Diemer, Dipl Ing Peter Liebl Senior Executives: Norbert Gabis (Finan zen) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of cement Financial Information: 1988 S'OOO Sales turnover 420,000 1989 S'OOO 1,400,000 PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Insurance including life and accident insurance; reinsurance Financial Information: 1989 1988 S'OOO S'OOO 2,559,000 Premium income 2,490,000 1989 S'OOO 450,000 No of Employees: 260 No of Employees: 1,100 26 AUSTRIA GRAZ-KOFLACHER EISENBAHN-UND BERGBAU-GESELLSCHAFT GKB Financial Information: Sales turnover Share capital Shareholders funds Grazbachgasse 39, A-8010 Graz Tel: (0316) 8001 Telex: 311318 gkbg Te/efax: (0316) 83 25 70 1988 S'OOO 1,172,800 63,000 254,800 1989 S'OOO 1,413,200 63,000 327,700 Principal Shareholders: Georg Fischer AG (63%) No of Employees: 1,240 Supervisory Board: Dip!.

Ing. Gottfried Blaimschein, Dr. mont. Dipl. Ing. Hans Hojas, Dipl. Phys. Robert Kralowetz, Ing Helmut Novak Senior Executives: Franz Berger (Prokurist, Leiter d. Rechnungswesens) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture and sale of asphalt products for building purposes Financial Information: 1989 S'OOO Sales turnover 580,000 PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of forging equipment, crank and crankshaft milling machines Trade Names: GFM Parent Company: GFM Holding Aktiengesellschaft, Steyr Principal Bankers: Girozentrale und Bank der Osterr.

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