Medium Companies of Europe 1992/93: Volume 3 Medium by R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn (auth.), R. M.

By R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn (auth.), R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig, C. P. Wilson (eds.)

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Ing. Hubert Marka Senior Executives: Hartmut SchOder (Flnanzen) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of rubber products Parent Company: Gummlwerk Kraiburg GmbH & Co, Germany Financial Information: 1989 1990 Senior Executives: Dr. Hans Karl, Dr. Arnold Plankensteiner, Mag. Heinz Scheikl, Dr. Wilhelm Bratschitsch PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Mining for coal; production of lime; railway and bus services Parent Company: OIAG-Bergbauholding Aktlengesellschaft Subsidiary Companies: Freizeitinsel Piberstein GKB Sportpark Sales turnover Ges mbH; Sulmtal-Verkehrsbetriebe GesmbH; Freizeitinsel S'OOO S'OOO 1,030,000 51,000 1,500,000 51,000 S'OOO 5'000 650,000 670,000 No of Employees: 230 Piberstein GKB-See Ges mbH; GKB Reisen Ges mbH; GKB Plan-Bau Ges mbH; GKB Freizeitland Weststeiermark Ges mbH Financial Information: 1989 1990 Sales turnover Share capital 1989 S'OOO 1,413,200 63,000 H WILHELM SCHAUMANN GES MBH See SCHAUMANN, H WiLHELM, GES MBH HAAS, ED, NAHRMITTEL GES MBH Eduard Haas-Str 25, St Martin, A-4050 Traun Tel: (0732) 84 2 44-0 Telex: 21000 Te/elax: (0732) 84 2 44-611 Principal Shareholders: OIAG Borgbauholding AG No 01 Employees: 2,400 Management Board: Elisabeth Haas GRUNDMANN, GEBR, GESELLSCHAFT MBH Senior Executives: Leopold Romstorfer PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture and sale of food products including breakfast cereals Trade Names: Mentos, Daim, PEMA, Pogen, Parmalat, Natreen Financial Information: 1990 Wienerstrasse 41-43, A-3130 Herzogenburg Tel: (02782) 3351 Telex: 15552 gegeh a Te/efax: (02782) 3209 S'OOO Management Board: Dr Walter Blesi Sales turnover Senior Executives: Walter Berger, Ing Bruno Haas, Ing Rudolf Haselmann, Ing Franz Rummer, Peter Stachelberger, Alois No of Employees: 220 27 500,000 AUSTRIA HAAS, FRANZ, WAFFELMASCHINEN INOUSTRIEGESELLSCHAFT MBH HAMACHER, HARRY W, SPEOITEUR Nordwestbahnhof, A-1201 Wien Tel: (0222) 336626 Telex: 114292 Te/efax: (0222) 33 24 61 Prager Strasse 124, A-1210 Wien Tel: (0222) 383515-0 Telex: 115877 Te/efax: (0222) 386141 Management Board: Margarethe Hamacher, Cornelius Hans Hernig Geber, Rudolf Senger, Gunther Kastner Management Board: Ing Franz Haas, Josef Haas, Maria Haas PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Freight forwarding Parent Company: Maread AG, Chur Financial Information: 1989 S'OOO Sales turnover 770,000 Senior Executives: Ing Johann Haas (Finanzen) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of machinery and industrial equipment Parent Company: Frans Haas Unternehmens Beteiligungsges mbH Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'ooO 740,000 Sales turnover 653,000 1990 5'000 1,000,000 No of Employees: 140 HAMBERGER BAUGESELLSCHAFT MBH No of Employees: 530 Burgerstrasse 11, A-4020 Linz Tel: (0732) 27 11 11-0 Telex: 21294 hambau a Telefax: (0732) 27 11 11-70 HABAU HOCH· UNO TIEFBAU GMBH Naarnerstrasse 31, A-4320 Perg Tel: (07262) 23 61-0 Telex: 3732286 Te/efax: (07262) 23 61 335 Management Board: Dipl Ing Ernst Hamberger, Dipl Ing Hans Roth Senior Executives: Ing Johann Bieringer, Ing Karl Hinterkorner, Dipl Ing Hans-Peter Kerck, Dipl Ing Hans Kucera Management Board: Ing Adolf Aubock (Sales), Leopold Freilinger (Purchasing), Johann-Georg Kabelka (Sales) Senior Executives: Heribert Kugler (Finance) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Construction and civil engineering Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'OOO Sales turnover 690,000 720,000 Profit before tax 18,000 8,000 50,000 50,000 Share capital PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Building and construction; non-food retailing Parent Company: Halatschek Holding- und Beteiligungsges mbH Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'OOO Sales turnover 1,300,000 1,400,000 No of Employees: 700 No of Employees: 1,100 HAMBURGER AG Aspanger Str 252, A-2823 Pitten Tel: 02627 2201 Cable: Hamburger Pitten Telefax: 02627 2201 300 HALl BUROMOBEL GES MBH Karl-Schachinger-Strasse 1, A-4070 Eferding Tel: (07272) 37310 Telex: 21362 Management Board: Dipl-Ing Thomas Prinzhorn (Vorsitzender), Dr Kristian Tengler, Dr Emmerich Nusser Management Board: Ing Michael Ransmayr PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Holding company with interests in furniture Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'OOO Group sales turnover 526,000 605,000 Senior Executives: Heinz Stangl PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of paper Trade Names: Austroliner, Austrofluting, Austrowelle Subsidiary Companies: Brigl & Bergmeister AG; Mosburger AG; Kartonfabrik Rieger; Dunapack Rt Principal Bankers: Osterr Landerbank; Landes Hypothekenbank NO; Steiermarkische Sparkasse; Zentralsparkasse; Girozentrale Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'OOO Sales turnover 912,600 974,400 Share capital 130,300 130,300 No of Employees: 500 HALVIC KUNSTSTOFFWERKE GES MBH Parkring 12, Postfach 118, A-1015 Wien Tel: (0222) 51588-0 Telex: 111328 Te/efax: (0222) 51588-60 Management Board: Georg Mayerhoffer (Geschiftsfiihrer) Principal Shareholders: Thomas Prinzhorn GesmbH No of Employees: 241 Senior Executives: Erika Stjkovic, Dkfm Horst Huttner (Finanzen), Dr Eduard Prandstetter, Dr Gunther Hollbacher, Dipl Ing Herbert Greinecker HAMBURGER UNTERLANO GESELLSCHAFT FUR KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK GES MBH (W) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of plastics (PVC) Trade Names: Solvic Parent Company: Solvay & Cie SA, Belgium, through Solvay Osterreich GesmbH, Wien Principal Bankers: CA Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'OOO Sales turnover 2,300,000 685,000 Management Board: Dipl Ing Thomas Prinzhorn, Richard Labek (Finanzen), Ludwig Feller No of Employees: 205 PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of plastic packaging Schaftenau, A-6330 Kufstein Tel: (05372) 3861-0 Telex: 51154 Telefax: (05372) 3876 28 AUSTRIA HARTLAUER HANDELSGESELLSCHAFT MBH Financial Information: Sales turnover 1989 S'Ooo 1,250,000 1990 S'OOO Taschelried 20, A-4403 Steyr 1,400,000 Tel: (07252) 62373 Te/efax: (07252) 62373-20 No of Employees: 420 Management Board: Franz Hartlauer (GeschiftsfOhrer) HAMMERLE, F M, TEXTILWERKE AG Senior Executives: Gilbert Wagner, Karl Bissenberger, Otto Peter Arbeiter (Finanzen), Renate Hartlauer, Viktor Kaspar Steinebach 9, A-6850 Dornbirn Tel: (05572) 399-0 Cable: Drelhammer Telex: 59181 fmhd a Te/efax: (05572) 69965 PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Wholesale trade in photographic supplies, electrical equipment including, teleVisions, radiOS, audio equipment and personal computers Parent Company: Foto-Blitz Handelsgesellschaft mbH Principal Bankers: Raifteisenkasse St Ulrich Financial Information: 1989 1990 S'OOO S'ooO 1,300,000 1,400,000 Sales turnover Supervisory Board: Dkfm Dr Theodor Hladik (Vorsitzender) Management Board: Dipl Vw Klaus Werner Becker (Verkauf und Marketing), Dkfm Florian Keiper-Knorr (Finanzen), Dr Ehrenfried Hennige (Technik) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Spinning, weaving, finishing Trade Names: Drelhammer Parent Company: F M Hammerle Unternehmensbeteiligungen AG Subsidiary Companies: Triatex International, Switzerland Principal Bankers: Osterr.

Kommandltgesellschaft= personal company) in regard to taxes.

H. 4S 100,000 262,900 GLATZ, FRIEDRICH, OHG Johannesgasse 23, A-1015 Wien Tel: (222) 51559 Cable: KLEIEGLATZ Telex: 111225 fgla a Te/efax: (222) 512 93 66 Management Board: Dip!. Ing. Gottfried Blaimsehein, Dip!. Phys. Robert Kralowetz, Ing Helmut Novak, Dip!. Ing. Wolfgang Ortner Senior Executives: Franz Berger (Prokurist, Leiter d. 90 S'OOO 5'000 Sales turnover 1,200,000 1,300,000 PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Manufacture of forging equipment, crank and crankshaft milling machines Trade Names: GFM Parent Company: GFM Holding Aktiengesellsehaft, Steyr Prine/pal Bankers: Girozentrale und Bank der Csterr.

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