Messianic Mystics by Professor Moshe Idel

By Professor Moshe Idel

Exploring the interaction of Jewish messianism and mysticism from the 12th in the course of the eighteenth centuries, a number one student of Jewish notion offers new views during this debatable e-book. Moshe Idel counters universal perspectives, exhibiting the shut relation of messianism and mysticism, the early messianic orientation of Kabbalah, and the resemblance of Jewish messianic and mystical event to Christian messianism.

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48 Though dealing with ancient material, most of the scholars belonging to the socalled patternist schools made efforts to elucidate the background of the biblical sacral royalty. In at least one case, however, the writings of Geo Widengren, an effort has been made to trace the vestiges of the pattern long after the cessation of the Israelite monarchy. 49 Yet even in the present state of the art, when many scholars think the links between medieval views and ancient myths and rituals are improbable, in the case of the medieval messianism we may nevertheless point out plausible literary links, in addition to the biblical material, that may reduce the gaps between the earlier and the later material.

His conception of a unified eschatological ideology that has spread across three continents and two millennia seems to me doubtful. 41 I am much more inclined to look for the importance of specific regions or centers of messianic activities and speculations, even cities where these forms of utopia were most prominent. This approach will give more space to authors who were active in great urban centers such as Rome and Venice. Just as I have suggested concerning the sociological implication of the messianic pyramid,42 we shall also be aware of a heterogeneous geographical distribution of the various messianic ideas.

18 This duality of a political role in the future (according to the two last models) versus a much more priest-like one in the present, as in the first model, of restoring the degraded present order versus sparking a national renewal, has remained part of the significance of the term mashiyah. The two phases of the evolution of the term remained embedded in the biblical literature that has become part of the canonic heritage of Judaism. Further developments of the messianic complex of ideas put a stronger emphasis < previous page page_40 next page > < previous page page_41 next page > Page 41 upon the hope, the future-oriented aspect of the Messiah or of the messianic figures, rather than on the original present-oriented aspect.

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