Metallomesogens: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications by Jose Luis Serrano

By Jose Luis Serrano

Learn on metal-containing liquid crystals is a quickly increasing, multidisciplinary box with new fabrics regularly being synthesized and novel purposes being built. 'Metallomesogens' is the 1st accomplished survey of the sector, introducing the reader to:

* fabrics design
* synthesis
* actual properties
* rising applications

Carefully chosen references around off this well-organized compendium. it truly is an crucial advisor to skilled researchers in coordination and organometallic chemistry in addition to in liquid-crystal and fabrics technology. novices and graduate scholars also will take advantage of this didactically sound advent to the sphere

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Liebmann, K. Praefcke, J. H. Wendorff, Liq. Cryst. 1993, 14, 785-794; e) K. Praefcke, D. Singer, A. Eckert, Liq. Cryst. 1994, 16, 53-65. [31] N. Usoltseva, K. Praefcke, D. Singer, B. Giindogan, Liq. Cryst. 1994, 16, 617-623. [32] N. Koine, M. Iida, T. Sakai, N. Sakagami, S. Kaizaki, J. Chem. Chem. Commun. 1992, 1714-1716. 1 Metal-Organic Liquid Crystals In this section liquid crystalline complexes containing a metal atom bonded to the organic ligands via heteroatoms will be discussed. The section has been divided into three subsections dealing with monodentate Iigands, bidentate ligands, and tetradentate ligands, respectively.

This lyotropic phase would consist of monolayers of metal complex ions separated by layers of water. 3 Summary All micellar lyotropic metallomesogens covered in this chapter are ionic, and furthermore, most of them are salts of organic acids with alkali, alkaline earth and transition metal counterions. Only a limited number of complexes containing the metal in the promesogenic part of the molecule have been reported to organize into micellar aggregates. The metal can be located either in the cationic (Co"', Cr"', Ru", Rh"' and Ag' complexes) or in the anionic (Fe" and VO" complexes) part of the amphiphilic salt.

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