My Year Inside Radical Islam: A Memoir by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

My yr within Radical Islam is a memoir of first a non secular after which a political seduction. Raised in liberal Ashland, Oregon, by way of mom and dad who have been Jewish via start yet dismissive of strict dogma, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross yearned for a faith that might swimsuit all his beliefs. in school within the overdue nineties he met a charismatic Muslim pupil who grounded his political activism with considerate spiritual conviction. Gartenstein-Ross displays on his event of changing to Islam--a method that started with a wish to hook up with either a non secular group and a non secular perform, and at last led him to sympathize with the main severe interpretations of the religion, with the main radical political implications.

within the 12 months following commencement, Gartenstein-Ross went to paintings for the al-Haramain Islamic beginning, a charity devoted to fostering Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia's austere type of Islam--a theological idea for plenty of terrorist teams, together with al-Qaeda. almost immediately after he left al-Haramain--when his personal fan-aticism had waned--the beginning was once charged through the U.S. govt as being a resource of cash for terrorist organisations. Gartenstein-Ross, by means of this time a legal professional at a famous enterprise, volunteered to be puzzled by way of the FBI. They already knew who he was once.

the tale of the way an outstanding religion should be distorted and an honest soul could be seduced clear of its ideas, My 12 months within Radical Islam presents an extraordinary glimpse into the private interface among faith and politics.

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