Mysticism in the World Religions by E.G. Parrinder

By E.G. Parrinder

There is a becoming know-how of mysticism between humans whose curiosity in international religions spills over into interest concerning the mysterious and esoteric. 'That mystical claims are made in lots of religions', writes Professor Parrinder, 'is taken either as facts of the universality of the interior lifetime of the soul and because the actual hyperlink among religions that could be divided through dogma yet are rather united of their quest for the common One'.
This wide-ranging ebook goals to supply clues to the various kinds and expressions of mysticism, by means of contemplating a few of the significant non secular traditions of either East and West. It explores imperative parts: monistic mysticism (seeking self-identity or union with the All) and theistic mysticism (seeking communion, yet now not identification, with God). the hunt for the paranormal via medicines, intercourse and visions is additionally mentioned, as is the connection of the professional to the standard seeker.

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The Upanishads are fond of analysing the human condition. in a search for the ultimate element, and they often consider the nature of sleep. Dreaming reveals that the soul is a creator who builds his own roads and chariots and bridges. Dreamless sleep is more unified, but in that state the soul has no self-knowledge and appears to be almost destroyed. Therefore there is a final state, beyond dreaming and dreamless sleep. 8-16. Mandukya Upanishad, 7. 35 MYSTICISM I N THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS mystical unity but without any characteristics.

Mahavira, in particular, appears in paintings and sculptures, while in literature his life serves as a model for those of more legendary Jinas and the stories reflect the ideals and aspirations of worshippers. The subject of prayer in Jainism is delicate, since there is no eternal creator and the lesser gods are transmigrating and must be reborn as men before attaining Nirvana. But it is admitted that laymen do pray to Hindu gods and some ofthem, notably Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, are very popular.

The essence of the soul is life, the capacity of being liberated. . There are worldly and liberated souls, with mind and without mind, mobile and immobile. . Those with minds are knowers? The whole universe is alive but souls are imprisoned by matter, the result of Karma, and liberation can come only when all the layers of Karma, good and bad, are dissolved. The famous Jain doctrine of non-violence (a-himsa,not hurting) derives both from belief in animal souls and also from the need for purification from violent deeds.

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