Mythic Vistas: SpirosBlaak (d20 System) by Steven Trustrum, Christina Stiles

By Steven Trustrum, Christina Stiles

SpirosBlaak, the newest in eco-friendly Ronin's seriously acclaimed Mythic Vista line, offers a whole archduchy that may be used as a stand-alone crusade atmosphere or built-in into an present global. With the gods fallen, it really is as much as the participant Characters to convey gentle and desire again into an archduchy overrun with lycanthropes. as well as detailing this grim and gritty atmosphere, SpirosBlaak contains black powder ideas, new center and status sessions, and a plethora of latest gods. while the moon is complete, will you lock your door and conceal or draw your sword and struggle?

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No other arena in the Archduchy can compare with the Coliseum of Devotion’s splendor. Conundrum Hall SpirosBlaak’s thieves are notorious for their love of puzzles, and so their large guildhall is like a maze. Traps, most of which can be bypassed by solving a puzzle, pepper these corridors, protecting the guild’s secrets. Rumor has it that all applicants to the guild of Conundrum Hall must find their way through a harrowing, multileveled labyrinth in the building’s depths to gain membership. Failure, of course, means death.

Cree, one of the few elves found this far into the Archduchy, is a famous woodcarver. Many cra�smen seek apprenticeships with him, but he accommodates few. Cree’s work is famous across all of Dracos. Archers of Navodys Living as close as they do to Pharran Vode and the foul Vasantae, the people of Navodys learned to tackle the dangers of the woods from a distance, and many of Navodys’ citizens developed a legendary affinity with the bow, making them perhaps the best archers in the land. Nolmedron, the Dwarf Hold His Divinely Appointed Highness Bordren Dragonscale XXIII Symbol: A scarlet heraldic shield bearing a crossed axe and smith’s hammer topped with a gem-filled crown.

The yards can hold six large ships and roughly 10 smaller vessels. On shore rests the naval academy, barracks, and armory. Landside, the yards are protected by the northern keep complex and several ba�eries of cannon. The Coliseum of Devotion Located in the west end of the city, this massive, 10-tiered stadium is made of white marble and dark basalt. Workmen and architects of Vas erected this wondrous structure shortly before the crusade against Kirvos in recognition of the important role SpirosBlaak plays Chapter Four: Customs, Communities, and Geography in the faith of the Shining Cavalier.

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