Nerd Haiku by Robb Pearlman

By Robb Pearlman

Nerd Haiku takes a enjoyable, light-hearted poke in any respect the stereotypes, truths, and absurdities in nerd tradition.

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Beliefs and the Dead in Reformation England

This can be the 1st complete learn of 1 of an important facets of the Reformation in England: its effect at the prestige of the lifeless. Protestant reformers insisted vehemently that among heaven and hell there has been no 'middle place' of purgatory the place the souls of the departed should be assisted through the prayers of these nonetheless residing on the earth.

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In her pioneering e-book demanding middle, Linda Williams placed moving-image pornography at the map of up to date scholarship together with her research of the most well-liked and enduring of all movie and video genres. Now, fifteen years later, she showcases the subsequent iteration of serious wondering pornography and indications new instructions for examine and educating.

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Religion's nice and robust secret fascinates us, however it additionally terrifies. So too the monsters that hang-out the tales of the Judeo-Christian mythos and prior traditions: Leviathan, Behemoth, dragons, and different beasts. during this strange and provocative e-book, Timothy okay. Beal writes concerning the monsters that lurk in our non secular texts, and approximately how monsters and faith are deeply entwined.

Laboratory Procedures and their Applications

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The Mediterranean was an area of rain-fed agriculture (seen as a critical advantage for Europe by other Eurocentric writers such as Mann50 ), specializing in the cultivation of olive trees, whereas the river valleys of Egypt and Mesopotamia needed a complex social organization to make the irrigation systems work. But as Finley recognizes the Greeks under Alexander (d. 323 ) and later on the Romans controlled precisely those irrigated areas and to the north of the Mediterranean developed great expertise in water control, though not mainly for farming.

The notion of a period of illiteracy between the late Bronze Age and the Iron Age in Greece has been contested by Bernal,21 who sees the West Semitic alphabet as having been diffused in the Aegean before 1400  and as therefore overlapping with Linear B. He suggests that documents must have survived from that period but none have yet been discovered; papyrus is subject to serious decay in European climates. However, he recognizes that there was ‘considerable cultural regression’ between the twelfth and the eighth centuries, after the collapse of the Mycenean palace cultures.

The notion of Asiatic despotism and collective ownership follows nineteenth-century ideas of the east, criticism of which appears in chapter 4 as well as under politics below. So too with the idea of dominance, thought of as related to water control. While it is true that the river valleys with their fertile soils gave exceptional yields and came to be of central importance, Mesopotamia included many rainfed areas, just as the production of olives was especially important in North Africa, around Carthage for example.

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