Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis in Structural Mechanics: by I. Babuska (auth.), Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Wunderlich, Prof.

By I. Babuska (auth.), Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Wunderlich, Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Stein, Prof. K.-J. Bathe Ph. D. (eds.)

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On Finite Element Methods, Chalmers Inst. of Tech. Goteborg, Sweden, Aug. 1979. , "Stability Analysis of Structures Via a New CompleMentary Energy Method" Proc. of Symp. on Computational Meth. K. C. , Oct. , "Some Basic Principles in the Hechanics of Solids Without a Natural Time", J. Mech. & Phy. Sol~ds, Vol 7, 1959, pp 209-225. , "On the Hybrid Stress Finite Element Model in Incremental Analysis of Large Deflection Problems", Int. Jnl. Solids and Structures, Vol 9, 1973, pp 1177-119l. , "Eigenmodal Deformations in Elastic/Plastic Continua" Jnl.

We now derive rate potentials 6V(=V6t),6W, etc. for the viscoplastic constitutive laws given by Eqs. (27-29). Let at times tN and t N+6t, the Kirchhoff stresses be oN+06t ~N+6~, respectively, where ~ 1S the substantial derivative. The inelastic strain-rates corresponding to Eqs. a (~a) (30) yF (aF/aq) = y(3/20 ) (0 -F )no' ~N eq eq 0 - N In the above 0' - (qN) , (ie. , superscript N dropped for con2 ven1ence) and 0 = (3/2)0':0'. a + V = ~N (34) A :LlO Y is the definition of apparent. Since 6q can 1n- clude the effects of pure spin between tN and t N+ l , one can replace Eq.

737) PRESENT FEM. Pa4/Et 160 240 320 400 ~ 80 Flgure 8 46 Large Deformation of a Transversley Loaded Plate: The problem is that of a semilinear, isotropic thin elastic simply supported plate that is subject to uniform transverse pressure P. The pertinent geometric and material property data is shown in Fig. 8. The presently computed variation of the maximum transverse displacement Wmax with P is seen to agree excellently with that of Levy [24). The results presented in this paper, and further comFleted work to be reported elsewhere, appear encouraging to warrant us to pursue this line of thought in other areas of nonlinear continuum mechanics.

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